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Effects of Humidity Conditioning by Dry Fog Humidification

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Effects of Humidity Conditioning by Dry Fog Humidification

Effects of humidity conditioning by Dry Fog humidification are verified in various industries including the printing, food processing, textile.



Eliminated Problems and Effects
Printing Prevention of web breakage
(Web offset and form printing)
Prevention of color drift and curling
(Offset and form printing, proof printing, binding)
Problem of web-breakage was eliminated and paper loss in JPY 3 millions was saved during the season humidification is required (about 6 months). No delivery delay caused by machine stop recurred.
Elimination of failures in dimensional accuracy and color drift. Productivity increased by 10%.
The collating job became easier and operating rate increased by 20%.
 Investment paid-back in 1.5 years with these benefits.
Food Cold storage
(vegetable or fruit)
Humidity conditioning by Dry Fog humidification keeps vegetable and fruit fresh.
Moisture control helps supply of equably high-quality rice.
Green tea
Moisture control prevents powdered tea leaves from dispersing in tea leaves processing.
To help supply of tea with certain amount of moisture in stable quality.
Textile Sewing
Thread breakage stopped and productivity increased .
Moisture control makes quality stable.
Ceramics Pottery
Prevention of pottery from cracking during drying process.

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