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What is the non-wetting mist, "Dry Fog"?

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The finest mist with its droplets' size distributed in a very tight range.

As shown below, there is significant difference between each droplet size sprayed by the conventional pneumatic nozzle and by AKIJetR under the same condition.
Large sized droplets do bad things in humidification; they hit objects and make them wet.

Humidification/Moisture control/Dry Fog

Why doesn't Dry Fog wet the object?

As shown below, small droplets rebound from an object, but large droplets get burst and wet the object. This is just like how soap bubbles do.

Spray Droplet Diameter

The followings are pictures of droplets collected by Immersion Sampling and droplet diameter distribution measured by the laser analyzer.
AKIJet® nozzle produces Dry Fog with the maximum droplet diameter of 50 microns or less and Sauter Mean Droplet diameter of 5.9 microns.

Spray Droplet Size by Various Humidifiers
Compressed Air / Dry Fog Pneumatic Spray Nozzle (AKIJet®)
Compressed Air / Dry Fog Pneumatic Spray Nozzle (AKIJet®)
Compressed Air / Conventional Pneumatic Spray Nozzle
Compressed Air / Conventional Pneumatic Spray Nozzle
Blower / Pneumatic Nozzle
Blower / Pneumatic Nozzle
Centrifugal Humidifier
Centrifugal Humidifier
Ultrasonic Humidifier
Ultrasonic Humidifier

Dry Fog condition: Maximum droplet diameter 50 microns or less and mean droplet diameter 10 microns or less.

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