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Dry Fog Portable Humidifier Set "AE-T"

AE-T Dry Fog Portable Humidifier Set
(for ESD prevention, cooling, humidity conditioning)

Portable humidifier set with good extensibility
AE-T Dry Fog Portable Humidifier Set(for ESD prevention, cooling, humidity conditioning)
Features Main Applications Main Industries
Composition of the Set Specification


1. Portable humidifier set
No piping work necessary. Easy, convenient humidification. Portable humidifier set for immediate use at any place just with air supply.
2. Choose your fog.
Two types of spraying nozzle are available; 03-type for high quality fog (2.4 L/hr or 0.63 GPH)* and 03B-type for large volume fog (3.3 L/hr or 0.87 GPH)*.
*Spray volume per nozzle at air pressure of 0.3MPa.

High extensibility
Up to 4 nozzles can be mounted. A humidifier with 4 nozzles has large spraying capacity, maximum 13.2 L/hr (3.48 GPH) at air pressure of 0.3 MPa ( 43.5psi ).

4. Flexible operationality
Easy automatic control by Humidity Controller (optional).
5. Portable
Easily portable by attaching casters.


Main Applications

1. In various factories such as of printing, textile, and paper fabrication, etc.
2. For spot humidification around machinery and electrostatic prevention
3. For electrostatic prevention and cooling by Dry Fog in factories of plastic, film fabrication, etc.
4. For humidification within a horticultural facility
5. For humidification within a storage of vegetable, fruit, and fresh produce
6. For spraying of deodorant in sewage dump
7. For easy installlation of a humidifier
8. When a small volume of Dry Fog is required


Main Industries

Electronics / Printing / Plastic / Textile / Chemical / Food / Paper and Pulp / Automotive / Agriculture and livestock / Civil engineering / Ceramic


Composition of the Set

Standard Contents
Gauge-mounted air pressure regulator unit
2. AKIMist® "E"
3. Spiral tubes ( Red for air & Black for water )
4. Pole
5. Pressure tank
6. Stand
Portable compressor
Humidity Controller
Humidity Sensor
AE-T Dry Fog Portable Humidifier Set(for ESD prevention, cooling, humidity conditioning)



Pressure Tank
Capacity of tank Material Max. pressure Mass
18L(4.8gal) SUS304 etc. 0.7MPa
5kg (loaded: 23kg)
11lb (loaded: 50.7lb)
Note: Safty valve is set at 0.4 Mpa.


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