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System Lineup for Humidification, Humidity Conditioning,
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Electrostatic Control
by Humidification
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System Lineup

Industrial Humidification System
(for ESD prevention, humidification, humidity conditioning)

Total humidification system for humidity control in large space

Humidification System

Features Main Applications Main Industries
System Composition Humidification Performance


1. Humidity control in large space
The high-precision-made Dry Fog spraying unit, with its sprayed fog reaching a distance of 4 meters ahead, produces the stable humidity in large space (within the whole factory).
2. For solution of troubles caused by electrostatic
Solving the troubles caused by electrostatic, the system drastically improves productivity of machinery.
3. High performance energy saving
No steam by boilers required. Energy saving in over 30% expected.
4. The least maintenance necessary
With supply of clean air and purified water, the system requires the least maintenance.


Main Applications

1. Prevention of electrostatic in printing, electronics, plastic factories
2. Humidification in textile workshop, mushroom nursery, poultry incubation, fermentation room, cold storage


Main Industries

1. Printing: Offset, gravure, screen printing
2. Electronics: LCD, semiconductors, board assembly, color filter, PCB, clean room
3. Chemical: Ink, paint, adhesive
4. Plastic: Food tray, bag, container, plastic sheet
5. Textile: Weaving machine, non-woven cloth fabrication, screen printing
6. Cold storage


System Composition

Total system including compressor and RO water purifier.
Our experts design the system to provide the optimized humidity environment based on the present condition.
After-sales service by means of verification of the humidity condition after installation of the system.

AirAKI® DRYFog Humidification System

On-site Consultation
Understanding of the present humidity environment to provide solution
A. Control System
1. Dry Fog Spraying Unit
2. Humidity Controller
3. Solenoid Valve Unit
4. Humidity Sensor
B. Driver System
1. Air Compressor
2. Air Filter
3. Oil Filter
4. Receiver Tank
C. Water Supply System
1. Activated Carbon Filter
2. Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier
3. Pressure Tank
4. Cartridge Ion Exchange Water Purifier
Pipes and Parts
Installation and Piping
After-sales Service
1. Instruction Manual
2. Maintenance Contract

Humidity Guarantee
Verification of Targeted Humidity


Humidification Performance

Condition before the Humidification System Installed
Condition before the Humidification System Installed(for ESD prevention, humidification, humidity conditioning)

After Installation
After Installation(for ESD prevention, humidification, humidity conditioning)


AirAKI® DRYFog Industrial Humidification System
AE-T Dry Fog Portable Humidifier Set
AKIMist®"E" Dry Fog Humidifier
AKIMiz® Compact RO Water Purifier

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