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Compact RO Water Purifier AKIMiz ROF-series

Compact design for easy production of pure water

Features Main Applications Unit Composition
Specification Removal Substances by Water Treatment


1. High cost-performance
Integration of safety, high performance, and cost-consciousness with emphasis on the basic performance
2. Compact in size
Compact in size with compact RO membranes adopted and pre-filter built-in
3. Large flow rate
Having low pressure type of RO membranes adopted, the unit remains compact but produces large volume of purified water.
4. Ease of maintenance
The RO module has the high-performance convenient joint for one-touch replacement.
5. Fail-safe design
ROF-M4N and ROF-M6N has leakage detector built-in and show you time for replacement of the filters and RO membranes at a glance.


Main Applications

1. To supply purified water to high-performance humidifiers such as AirAKI®, AKIT®"C", AKIMist®"D".
2. For other requirements for purified water.


Unit Composition

Water Purifier AKIMiz® ROF-series Flow Chart

Water Purifier AKIMiz_ ROF-series



Desalination Volume (L/hr) Water Temperature 25°C 13 25 80 110
Water Temperature 15°C 8.5 16 50 80
Water Temperature 5°C 5 9.5 30 45
Drain (L/hr) 15.5±20% 15.5±0% 40±0% 60±20%
Unit Composition No. of RO Modules 1 2 4 6
Activated Carbon Filter 10" x 1 10" x 1 10" x 2
Tank Size 4 liters built-in 10 liters external 10 liters external
Supply Voltage AC100V 1A AC100V 1A AC100V 5.5/5A
Unit Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 465 x 222 x 440 432 x 350 x 330 550 x 352 x 569
Weight (when empty) About 20 kg About 20kg About 38kg About 40kg
Tank External Dimensions (mm) - φ280 x H420 φ280 x H420
Tank Weight - 3.7kg 3.7kg


Removal Substances by Water Treatment

Hardness Ion (Ca+, Mg2+) Silica(SiO2) Dissolved Sodium Organics Residual chlorine Bacteria Particles
Activated Carbon Filter

Water Softener
Cartridge Ion Exchange
Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Water Purifier
Activated Carbon Filter
Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Water Purifier 
Cartridge Ion Exchange

* This table is based on worse-case viewpoint. For example, over 90% of ions including hardness and silica ion can be removed by reverse osmosis membrane.
* Actual effect may vary according to raw water quality.


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